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I hired this guy and his Company to and he signed contract to do roofing, framing corrections and siding. I gave him contracts for 4 3 house totally a lot of money.

Not only did he not finish the work, but he is coming after me for much more that the contracts. I'll be going after him for damages and failure to complete the job as agreed. I had to hire others to come in and finish the work. Stay away.

Feel free to contact me is you have questions 503-332-0861 He is a profession con artist. He stood on the jobsite the entire time and just watched, did little work himself, didn't even come close to finishing the job and then claimed I owed him money. He could not keep most of his guys and kept coming to me telling me he'd fired this guy or that and he'd hired this guy or that new guy.

It was a mess and I'm still fixing the damage he did. Not only the direct problems he caused, but delays too.

Review about: Wright Brothers Exterior Roofing.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: He is criminal like.

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You really think your something don't you? How in the *** do you feel justification in calling out someone who didn't do the work you paid them for when you knowingly screwed over so many that has done work for you?

I do not believe it was insomnia that had you not sleeping. I believe it was you conscience keeping you awake because you knew you were taking from hardworking people to line your pockets.

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